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Our Adventure is readable:

The first part of our journey is being made into a wonderful book. In this book, we like to share our experiences in different countries, with the different cultures and habits going along with it. This way you get to experience a bit for yourself.

This is our store, with stories and our own products.


RoadKapje: On the road to Disneyland (iPad)

Curious about our stories? But no need for a paper version of the book? The digital version of our first travels is less expensive.

Download the Book for Apple iPad here.

Price € 3,99. Also available in Dutch and German versions.



You might want to support RoadKapje's journey.

If at this moment, in our shop, there is nothing for you, but would you like to be part of and / or want to contribute to our trip? Your donations are more than welcome at the Roadkapje savings account:

NL96 ASNB 8821 7203 06 / international Bic-code(swift): ASNBNL21

Of course, thank you very much! Your contribution allows us to write and publish more books about our adventures!



Roadkapje: On the road to Disneyland

The first part of our big adventure took us to Belgium and Luxemburg, Austria and Switserland to France. On this trip was more than enought to explore and enjoy, for instance the three-country-place in Limburg or the tower in Paris which is named after it's designer, Gustave Eiffel.

Order our Book here. Luxurious book



Roadkapje Coloring Book

This Coloring Book has everything the Adventure Book has, except one little thing: color. Go ahead, make it as beautiful as possible. Our story is completely printed in this book.

Order the Roadkapje Colouring Booklet here. € 2,95



RoadKapje, the Childrens version

The Childrens version of our Book is especially made for the little ones. For those the whole World is new and every day is a new experience.

Soon available here


RoadKapje poster or Birthday Calendar

A3 format poster of the famous Fire truck which is travelling the World. Also availiable is the same poster, made as a Birthday Calendar.

Order our posters over here. Per poster € 1,50



Roadkapje Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards for those who want to send very personal mail. Surprise your friends! Our Greeting Cards are sold in a bundle of five, in which a 'congratulations'-card, a 'get well soon'-card and 'season greetings'-card.

Order our Postcards here. Prize per set € 1,50

Franky & Meeko "The ColorCase" (iPad)

Friends of RoadKapje are Franky & Meeko, a Piccolo and his cat. They also go on adventures which can be read in a happy Book.

Folow this link to Apple Books for Franky & Meeko.

Price € 2,99 (download) Also availiable in dutch.